How to fill the toner cartridge for Canon 104?

The toner cartridge for Canon C-104 is a single of the few types not outfitted with a cartridge fill hole. As a end result, to accessibility the toner hopper to carry a reload, you will need to have to drill a spot of polymer cartridge housing. To do just that, a unit will be useful refueling. The fill gadget, also termed holing a tool is in actuality a makeshift welder with a tapered suggestion that is employed to putting on a hole in the casing covering the residing polymer toner. Although the strategy is relatively simple, careful consciousness must be observed as the consumer working a heated unit and mishandling can cause burns.

Aftermarket printer consumables these as refill kit Canon Toner 104 are favored by a number of shoppers of laser printer due to the reality of their decrease offering charges. In comparison to the expense of $ 85 in opposition to the OEM toner cartridge Canon 104, a toner refill merchandise will get guidance only for $ twelve. Prime top quality clever, variation is negligible, as the output noted equivalent OEM and suitable toner. In addition, each items guarantee the similar performance rating of 2000 pages at 5% net web page protection. Now to begin the exercise of recharging is essential the adhering to parts.

one empty toner cartridge for Canon 104 but nonetheless viable.
one toner cartridge kit suitable with Canon 104 of recharge (package deal comes with a funnel cap, a pair of latex gloves, toner wipes lint and parts)
one plug hole (chute up)
Tape to guard against leakage of toner.
Fill machine

Remember to make refueling a light and airy environment. As significantly as attainable, do it in a workbench or kitchen area region table difficult and has a bin near to in which outdated toner powder is eliminated. The charging process is very easy and uncomplicated and demands no technical knowledge to carry out. Here’s how:

Down load the empty toner cartridge laser printer and location it on the workbench or table.
Set up the fill machine in the holder, linked to an electrical outlet and permit it warmth for 3 to 5 minutes.
Determine and mark the place in the cartridge, the location it will melt away a hole with the fill gadget.
Goal of the heated fill unit in the portion marked vertically and gently press the suggestion of copper in the polymer until finally it uses up a hole in the cartridge.
Unplug instrument and permit it fill then walk to awesome.
Distinct the hole burnt plastic waste and can injury the delicate elements within the cartridge images.
Dump all that stays of the outdated toner. Producing use of an empty toner (optional) to get rid of the inside area of waste toner.
Pull the bottle of toner suitable offer.
Faucet the desk, reopen and attach PAC funnel all-around his mouth.
Area the peak in the hole and depart freely transfer toner on the digital digital camera.
When the digital camera is entire, seal the hole filler cap hopper and set tape around it to avoid leakage of toner. This completes the recharging course of action.
Retain the cartridge and gently shake to the distribution in the cavities of the cartridge and load it into the printer.

Total recharging course of action actually really should only just take 5 to ten minutes to full. Get a toner refill kit ideal Canon 104 now to start off this prosperous and exhilarating.

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